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Norah Cozens 9 years at The Leading Edge Hair & Beauty

Norah Cozens 9 years at The Leading Edge Hair & Beauty

Its party time! We are pleased to say that today is Norah's 9th year here at The Leading Edge.

Norah Cozens (founder of Vitaline Slimming) a recognised authority on weight management and healthy eating. Clinics are available in the salon on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's. Call the salon or Norah 07958 420935 to arrange a free consultation.

Norah Cozens has studied nutrition, dietetics, and psychology. After resolving her own weight problem, she worked for other slimming clubs before making the decision to start Vitaline, and built up her business from the original club, as sole entrepreneur. Within two years, Norah’s diet became so popular that an office was opened, manned by full-time staff. Norah was opening Vitaline clinics at a steady rate training new clinic instructors – all of whom had been her successful clients.

Norah has published three successful books, and has made several appearances on national television. Her latest book The Answer To PCOS "Buy On-Line" is now available.

She has given healthy-eating lectures at Universities, Colleges, Council Offices and Schools for children and their families. Both the BBC and commercial television have made programmes featuring the success of the organisation.

Norah has developed special eating plans for people with a range of medical conditions. Norah’s specialist support for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is supported by the leading PCOS and Fertility Experts in the country.

See the latest article about Norahs diet in the Daily Mail https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health/could-eating-every-15-minutes-16495505

Published: 19/03/20

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