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March Already!

March Already!

Well that went quick! With the year truly in full swing now, I hope you’re all taking the time to reflect on your resolutions and goals (or get started - it’s never too late!). Regardless of where you’re trying to get to, take the time to pause and check on your mental health - your headspace is the home you never leave. 2020 and the start to 2021 certainly have took their toll on me and our team, but I’m so grateful for the habits it has taught me! Things I like to practice include:

Talking about my feelings

Journaling - especially gratitude!

Staying active

Making time for the things I love, like walking the dog and time in the garden

Eating well...but also treating myself shamelessly

Sneaking some sunlight when possible

Prioritizing sleep and rest

Meditation and mindfulness

Do I get it right all the time? Of course not, but we’re all in this journey together - so remember baby steps and celebrate your little wins. Do you have tips to share with our community, or a friend who deserves a shoutout for kicking goals and slaying the game? Let us know in the comments below xx

Published: 01/03/21

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